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30 Day 5-min. 
Self Care Calendar


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Manage your stress and kickstart (or revive) your wellness journey in 5 minutes or less per day

Let's Get Started

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Limited Time to think about let alone practice consistent self-care?

Let this calendar take the thinking out of it with 30 self care ideas that can be completed in 5 min. or less.    Wondering if 5 minute self care will matter or make much of a difference?  The biggest health transformations start with baby steps.     


Not sure where to start?  

Did you know there are 4 types of self care (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)?  Level up your self care routine by adding variety and selecting self care that's more targeted to your changing day to day needs.  Take them in order or use the calendar like a menu and hop around. 

Pro Tip: Screen shot the calendar and save it to your phone or PC home screen.    

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