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3 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Getting Healthier

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Sharon Hazelrigg , FMCHC

Sept. 17, 2022

10 min. read

We can all be healthier in some way. Even if we're killing it in the gym and eating a balanced diet, maybe we're running off of 4 hours of sleep a night and our stress levels are through the roof. Or maybe our mental health, relationships or even our finances are out of balance.

Whatever it is, we're probably aware on some level of habits we need to change. So what stops us? The short answer is that we can't give100% in all areas of our health at the same time, so something's got to give. What motivates us to prioritize one area over another though is highly individual, and nuanced in the context of our lives, our psychology and personal health histories.

This is where the benefits of working with a health coach come into play. A coach can help you gain clarity and prioritize what you want to work on, and support you through the process of making the change, including working through any setbacks that come up.

Individual nuance aside, there are some common mindset pitfalls we can fall into.

Here are: 3 lies we tell ourselves about getting healthier:

"I'll do it when..."

The kids are back in school, the holidays are over, the new year starts, we are back from vacation...

You get the idea. "I'm waiting for the right time" to start.

The reality is, there's never a good time or a right time to start, and delaying when you start only delays your progress. The sooner you start, the sooner you can start feeling better and more fully enjoying your life.

Fun fact about me: I really dislike New Year's resolutions. Last year, I tried setting goals in September. I loved it so much, that I'm doing it again this year. I loved feeling "ahead of the game" coming into the new year with a tailwind when, let's face it, most of us are exhausted from the holidays when we ring in the new year.

I am totally loving the Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction planner. It's beautiful to look at, and includes some great tools in the front of the planner to help you map out big life goals. Then it helps you break them into annual, monthly and weekly action steps. There's a month end reflection page that helps you focus on your wins and what you learned. Engaging in this monthly look-back exercise over the past year has really helped me recognize how much I accomplish, learn and grow in a month and how many good things are happening for me. It has also taught me that it's ok to reflect and let go of goals that no longer serve me and to re-focus my time and energy on other things.

"I'm just too busy right now..."

"I was doing so well, until..."

Talk to me in the comments! Which one of these resonates most for you?


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